Sustainability without compromise

The pillars of New Weave

We see circular design as a prerequisite for sustainability. Circularity makes infinite recycling possible, meaning waste no longer exists. This is of course easier said than done. That is why we try to make our path to circularity, with its shortcomings, as clear as possible.

All information regarding sustainability and New Weave's mission & vision can also be viewed under the heading 'sustainability' in the menu. The key points of New Weave are briefly described below.

The Dark Side of our Industry

The rug and carpet industry has a dark side. Exploitation, environmental pollution and waste are major problems. New Weave tries to do business in a new and honest way.

About our Origins

100% Of our Profits are Invested

New Weave is a 'Social Business'. This type of business was invented and described by Nobel Prize winner Muhammad Yunus. We do not pay out any profits.

Our entire benefits are invested in realizing our vision: circular design as a leading design philosophy, accessible to everyone.

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Made Entirely from Waste with the Quality of New

'Nylon 6 is not just different, it is unique'
- Giulio Bonazzi, Aquafil CEO

'Instead of melting down, which is the standard for recycling, ECONYL® is depolymerized. That is returning to the original building block. The result is a molecule that is exactly the same as that of a new product.'

Discover the Revolution of ECONYL®

Take-back and Eco-Design as a Starting Point

Our rugs are designed with the end in mind. This regeneration principle is the foundation and the beginning of every design, which is why we guarantee take-back.

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Take-back & Eco-design

5% Of every Purchase is Donated to Healthy Seas®

Heathy Seas® is an important partner in the collection of waste for our circular chain. The initiative digs up abandoned fishing nets, collects old nets from fish farms and provides information.

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Inspired by Nature

Circular design as a leading design philosophy, accessible to everyone. That's what we want to go for. Step by step.

Mission & Vision